Locations of Interest

If you have Google Earth (download free) you can use this Network Link: http://www.trentonthenovel.com/Trenton-Locations-of-Interest.kmz to explore these locations in far more detail or take a ‘flying over’ tour of the locations here.


Cadwalader Park

Park designed by famed landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted who also designed New York City’s Central Park.

Old Barracks Museum

Come see colonial life as it really was. Built in 1758 to house British troops sent to protect American colonists from French and Indian aggression this gem is a reminder of the freedom today in America we all take for granted.

St Michael’s Episcopal Church

Site of one of the oldest cemeteries and churches in Trenton.

John Hart Homestead

Site of Washington’s encampment before the Battle of Monmouth and where Lt. Fletcher Ratcliff gets his comeuppance

Washington Crossing State Park

Place where Washington’s troops embarked on their famous icy crossing to do battle with the Hessians in Trenton on Christmas night 1776.

William Trent House

Home of city’s namesake.

Wachovia Bank (West State Street)

Landmark building located on the ‘Corner Historic’ – Home of the masterful Depression era N.C. Wyeth Mural depicting Washington’s Reception in Trenton while on his way to his first Presidential inaugural in New York City.

Mercer County Waterfront Park

Mercer County Waterfront Park

Masonic Lodge

1st Trenton Masonic Lodge built about the same time as the original State House which was completed in 1792.

Trenton Psychiatric Hospital

Grounds where Samuel Tucker and his wife are buried.

Trenton-Lafayette Yard Marriot

Currently the only operating hotel in Trenton and the site where Abby and Randal meet for dinner and drinks.

Trenton Makes Bridge

a.k.a. Lower Trenton Free Bridge crosses Delaware River connecting So. Warren Street in Trenton, NJ with East Bridge Street in Morrisville, PA.

Trenton Free Public Library

Main Trenton Library and home of the acclaimed Trentoniana Room where Trenton history comes alive.

Trenton Country Club

Tidy rolling greens located adjacent to NJM along Sullivan Way.

Trenton Central High School

School attended by Tina Alma.

Sun National Bank Center

Parking lot location where Dominic Rosetti’s ‘boys’ found Darius Hudson’s stolen Bonneville.

St. Joachim’s Church

Typical ethnic Italian Roman Catholic Church in the heart of Chambersburg adjacent to Columbus Park.

St. Francis Hospital

Where Janet Evanovich visited her ailing father and gathered ideas for her Stephanie Plum stories with Trenton as the setting.

Stacy Park

Once the playground of the rich and famous in Trenton much of Stacy Park was destroyed to make way for the John Fitch Freeway. Plans to restore part of old Stacy Park as the new Capital Plaza Park are underway.

Shiloh Baptist Church

Site where the funeral service for Reverend Hollis Markham takes place and landscaper Luis Alma becomes entwined in a series of events that alters his life forever.

Rossi’s Bar & Grill

Famous watering hole in Chambersburg where Dominic Rosetti and friends- including various New York Yankee greats- have raised many a glass and enjoyed many a good burgers.

Planetarium at the New Jersey State Museum

Soar through the skies in the Museum’s spacious Planetarium, featuring precision projection of more than 6000 stars.

New Jersey State Museum

See exhibitions and displays of Trenton finery from dinosaur bones to Lenape Villages to custom ceramics.

New Jersey State Archives

A good place to start learning about New Jersey’s rich and colorful past.

New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Group

Located on farm land once owned by Richard Scudder, father of Deborah Scudder, the beloved wife of John Hart, the Signer; Also, marks the route taken by General John Sullivan on his march to Trenton to meet up with General Washington on December 26, 1776.

Declaration of Independence Mural

An excellent depiction allegedly of Samuel Tucker, President of the Provincial Congress reading a copy of the newly signed Declaration of Independence on July 6, 1776 to the citizens of Trenton (shown dressed as both then and now).

Michele Lorie’s Cheesecakes

Alas, the end of a local Christmas tradition whose abrupt closing is used in the story to foreshadow the tragic and untimely demise of Luis’ beloved wife, Maria.

Mercer County Community College

College where Darius learns about History and a well-kept mystery from Professor Daniel Collins.

Malaga Spanish Restaurant

The site of Abby and Luis’ uncomfortable 3rd date although it had nothing to do with the fine authentic, Spanish-Portuguese cuisine.

Helene Fuld Hospital

Now part of the Capital Health System – Trauma Center where patrolman Joe McKenna was taken after being stabbed by Bobby Jackson in the parking lot of the Shiloh Baptist Church.

The Hermitage (Colonial Ave)

The home of General Philemon Dickinson who is forced to watch the enemy through a field glass from across the river in Pennsylvania, as they enjoy the comforts of his residence.

Greenwood Cemetery

Place where Maria Alma is laid to rest.

De Lorenzos Tomato Pies (Calu’s Choice)

Depending on whom you ask the home of the best old fashioned tomato pies in New Jersey. Co-author John Calu’s personal choice.

Delaware-Raritan Feeder Canal

Dug by hand by hordes of Irish immigrants, the Feeder Canal was once a source of commerce conveying coal and stone by barge from the mountains of upper Pennsylvania

Columbus Park

Noted recreational bastion located in the heart of Trenton’s once wholly Italian – Chambersburg section

Classics Bookstore

Quaint family-owned independent book store located across the street from Café Ole where Calu and Hart used to meet with other concerned city residents to discuss books and share ideas to help revitalize Trenton.

Trenton City Hall

Home to ‘Hizzoner’ five-term incumbent Mayor Jimmy Dodd

Café Ole

Place where Luis Alma and Abby Treadwell-Tucker meet for their first ‘date’.

Broad Street Bank Building

Location of exclusive luxury apartments one of which is occupied by Abby Treadwell-Tucker.

Bridge over the Assunpink Creek (Broad Street, Trenton)

At Mill Hill Park corner of South Broad Street and East Front Street Trenton, NJ.

Baptist Meeting House in Hopewell, NJ

Final resting place for the remains of John Hart, the Signer.

Amici Milano Ristorante

Site where Randal Whittaker, Mayor Jimmy Dodd & Senator Stevens have drinks after Alma Arms dedication.

Eagle Tavern

Site of several tavern scenes involving early malcontent rumblings and quiet counsel; Darius Hudson later finds a 1st edition copy of Common Sense hidden in a stairwell.

Battle Monument

Prominent location of the canon that bombarded the Hessians in the 1st Battle of Trenton on the morning of December 26th, 1776.

Delorenzo’s Tomato Pies (Hart’s Choice)

Depending on whom you ask the home of the best old fashioned tomato pies in New Jersey. Started in 1947 by Chick Delorenzo; Site of Abby and Luis’ 2nd date. Co-author Dave Hart’s personal choice

Roma Bank

Celebrated Community Bank where Dominic Rosetti landed his first job

Waterfront Park

Home of the Trenton Thunder, the Double A affiliate of the New York Yankees

New Jersey State House

Ah, if only the walls could talk what secrets they would tell. Home of the Governor & the New Jersey Legislature, the gold Capitol Dome from inside the rotunda is a must see. While there check out the portrait of John Hart, the Signer located just outside the Governor’s Office.