1774. The revolution brewing in the American colonies is set to erupt in violent conflict. In Hopewell, near Trenton, New Jersey, the nearly lifeless body of an orphan girl is pulled from the Delaware River by a son of John Hart, a man whose passion for independence has brought down the wrath of the British Crown and its many local sympathizers.

October 2010 | 320 pp/hardbound | ISBN: 978-0-937548-66-0 | $24.95

Sample from Part One

New York Frontier: 1763
The cabin door flew open, and Captain Alexander Scott stood there wounded, struggling to balance himself. “Hide!” he gasped to his bewildered family before collapsing head first on the cold, hard floor.

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Sample from Part Two

Eagle Tavern Redux
“What is this place?” asked Tina Alma as she slipped through a narrow gap in the boards covering the first floor window of an old abandoned building.

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About the Authors

Calu and Hart have enjoyed a productive collaboration as novelists since 2003. They are currently at work on a novel set in historic Princeton, New Jersey.

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